Exclusive Introduction & Japan marriage agency "Harmony" for European Ladies

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International marriage

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Welcome to Our Agency

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Dear lovely charming ladies, nice to meet you!!

We are Marriage Agency "Harmony". Our agency helps you to find your love in Japan, to create a happy long marriage.
We have been working for more than 17 years. We created a lot of happy couples.
Many Japanese men want to take an opportunity through our agency, because they trust Marriage Agency "Harmony".

Japan has never been the open country for foreigners, there were not opportunity to meet and socialize people from other countries. But now Japan has open doors. They are not able to give ladies a hint, when they think what a lovely lady she is. It’s all because Japanese men are shy and bashful. According to the past culture, Japanese men are calm and, maybe, they are not good at telling jokes, but they have the power to live their life wealthy, they have the eye of foresight, they think about things, and have an extraordinary concentration. As you know Japan is a small country, but for the short period they could increase their economics. Lots of Japanese were awarded the Nobel Prize as a representative in physics, math, literature and medicine. Also you can find Japanese national character of great men in other countries unprecedented and respect for proprietary. Japanese education philosophy is the independent social as "Not bothering others". But now everything is changing and we need to help them in this.

If you seriously think to marry Japanese man, It is the good choice for your life, you will surely change it dramatically. We control personally identifiable information of every our client. In addition, all registered men have the short interview with us, we ask them to show us all necessary documents. With confidence, we can recommend all registered men in our agency. For all Japanese men and all foreign ladies, who register in our agency and want to marry seriously, we are be able to provide the opportunity of happy marriage.

Marriage Agency Harmony
Managing Director
Hiroyasu Nakamura

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Marriage Agency Harmony
Based on many our proven marriages, we are helping to make marriage with Japanese men and foreign female who are sincerely want to marry.


Harmony's Blog
Our Official Blog. We transmit information concerning some events, services, and write about cultural event in Japan and abroad.


Staff's Blog
Our staff's Blog. We write information about our new registered ladies and add pictures of continually registered ladies.


Irina's Room (Blog)
Our staff Irina's Blog. This is Irina's blog who came from Russia and married in our agency. She writes articles about her happy family life, about cute baby and nice husband in Japan.


Lyuda's Blog
Our staff Lyuda's Blog. Lyuda is from Ukraine, she has been living in Japan for 10 years. Her articles and photos about the Ukrainian and Japanese lives.


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Our staff Nastya's Blog. Nastya is from Ukraine, she is living in Poland now.


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Other useful links.

Our Couple

Our Couple

Our Couple's AIbum
Here is photographs of couples who have married in our agency. Also you can read the report about happy life.
There are a lot of happy moments and smiles.

Our Staff

About Us

About Us
Agency Harmony is an introduction agency to assist you to search your soul mate from Japan. Your nationality is not cared. Just to comply with requirements of our Japanese men and women from all over the world, we have created this web site to make it easier for both sides.

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